MPA is able to supply the widest range of products, varying from printer cartridges to flashlight batteries. Apart from paint and oil, MPA will deliver practically all possible marine supplies.

With marine supplies/ MPA becoming a speciality trade over time, shipping companies increasingly rely on companies like MPA. We not only gather all the parts of the order and deliver them in one go, companies also rely on us to deal with customs and port security. We deal with all the hassle, creating a much more efficient process. And more efficiency means lower costs and higher profits. Because we save time, you save money.

More Personal Attention
But this is what we believe should be the least you can expect. Which is why we go further. We give you more personal attention. If you order cheese, we don't just get you cheese. If your crew wants a specific type or brand of feta cheese, that is exactly what we get for you. And of course this isn't just about cheese. We pay attention to all the details, however small they may seem to others.